Words From Our Hygienists: Oral Cancer Screening Part 2

timthumbThis is the second half to our Words from Our Hygienists blog detailing oral cancer detection. If you haven’t yet read the first part you can view it here! The Orascoptic DK three-in-one diagnostic kit includes a handheld LED light source that is battery-powered, transillumitator, and three interchangeable lighted mirror instruments. The DK oral lesion screening transillulmination instrument emits an intense, focused beam of light to help visualize. This instrument works with a mild acetic acid rinse that agitates the membranes of misplaced cells. It enlarges these cells and makes them more reflective to blue light. The abnormal cells will appear white, making them easier for clinicians to see. Performing the use of this product is similar to the ViziLite.

Overall, these three products raise the level of patient care by easily allowing the detection of oral abnormalities and even oral cancer. It is important to discover these abnormalities early so cancer can be caught before it spreads or even takes a patient’s life. These products are great when used correctly although they could have some possible downsides. For example, finding abnormal tissue areas could cause unnecessary alarm in patients when there are false positives. Discovering soft tissue abnormalities is extremely vital, whether it’s with the naked eye or using oral cancer screening device, in the fight against oral cancer. For more information or to schedule an appointment with Cedar Cliff Dental Center please call us at (651) 454-9028!


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