Believe in Holistic: Fluoridated water

fluoride free dentist As a continuation from last week and the talk about holistic dentistry, this week touches on the subject of fluoridated water and its application to the topic of holistic dental care. Keep in mind from the previous week that there is a potential disconnect between the idea of the delivery of optimal dental health care and the actual practice of providing such care.

We could go in depth and talk about pH levels and how fluoride potentially balances out acid producing bacteria called plaque but we will just go over how fluoridated water ties into the holistic vs. traditional dental work topic. We do not profess to be the overall authority on all medical topics but common sense and good judgment go a long way.

Just to inform you of some basics on fluoride, check out some interesting information about fluoride toxicity to see how it could be potentially harmful. The fact is, although it may have positive effects on oral health, fluoride can have some pretty unfortunate effects on the rest of the body. Would you choose to have the possibility of plaque protection at the potential risk of having other problems with your health? We’ll let you can answer that question for yourself.

In recent news, Portland actually took the initiative to vote against having fluoridated water. This was not the first time occurrence but has been voted on multiple times. The goal is that by having fluoride in the water it will, via ingestion, come through a systemic route to improve the health of the teeth. From a biological standpoint it is hard to see how low levels of fluoride in water will go directly to the teeth and strengthen the enamel. With this in mind, the use of fluoride in direct application to the tooth is likely to cause similar problems.

Just as Portland and others make the effort to optimize their overall health by eliminating fluoride, choosing a fluoride free dentist won’t just help your dental health, but your overall health as well. Check out how we extend fluoride free dental services near the twin cities or look for a holistic dentist near you.