Holistic Dentistry

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What is holistic dentistry?

Holistic dentistry refers to a type of alternative dentistry involving an awareness of the connection of the mouth and associated structures to the rest of the body. You may also have heard holistic dentistry referred to as biological dentistry; the two terms are interchangeable. Procedures and materials used in dentistry are seen by the holistic dentist as not being isolated to the mouth, and therefore must be carefully selected for each patient. The holistic dentist must always be aware of the potential interactions of dental work on the rest of the body as well as the fact that systemic conditions can in turn affect the mouth. Overall wellness and a belief that the body has the ability to heal on its own, under the right circumstances, are important parts of holistic dentistry as we see it.

Holistic Dentist in Eagan Minnesota

At Cedar Cliff Dental Center we believe that even the finest dentistry available today, though miraculous in  many ways, cannot completely replace the function and appearance of the natural dentition. All restorative dentistry is seen as a compromise in comparison to the natural tooth. Therefore our primary interests are in both the preservation of the natural tooth structures and the prevention of disease. It is important to note that prevention to the biological dentist also includes an awareness of potential issues relative to the materials used and how they may affect the body as a whole

Holistic or Natural Dentistry VS Traditional Dentistry

Traditional dentistry would seem to profess these same goals, however we have noticed that the result sometimes is not consistent with these philosophies. An example of this is the very common procedure referred to as a “crown.” In this procedure, most or all of the tooth enamel is removed and replaced with a variety of materials, which may be gold, other metals, and/or porcelain. Regardless of the final material chosen, it is important to realize that the first step is the removal of the majority of the tooth’s protective covering, the hardest tissue in the body, dental enamel. This enamel cannot be replaced. And while crowns can be necessary due to the breakdown of a tooth as a result of old fillings, decay, or fracture, the crown procedure is, in our opinion, sometimes done unnecessarily. Other options exist that allow more of the patient’s own enamel to be retained. In our experience, many dentists do not offer these alternatives to the patient, leaving them with fewer choices and the potential for the loss of tooth structure. Much of our work involves educating the patient on a full range of alternatives, tailored to their individual circumstances, so that informed and careful decisions may be made.

See what our patients have said recently about their holistic journey:

I decided to try replacing some of my amalgam fillings. I started with the 2 teeth on my lower left side. Overnight I could feel changes in my body. I woke up with my left lung able to breathe so much better. All of the shortness of breath was gone from that side. (5 primary doctors, an endocrinologist, acupuncture, and chiropractic could never completely fix this.) My muscles on my whole left side were also relaxed. I’ve had more energy than I’ve had in years. I went back within 2 weeks to have the lower right side done. I can’t wait to get the top teeth done. This is the first time I’ve ever wanted to go to the dentist! Dr. Hatcher and assistants are great answering all of my “why” and “what are you doing” questions.

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