Amalgam Removal

4. We provide our patients with an alternative air source. While the mercury is being removed we attach a protective mask; the patient is encouraged to breathe compressed air through their nose.

5. Depending on the preference of the patient we like to use a rubber dam to isolate the area that is being worked on. The rubber dam working in conjunction with the evacuate system minimizes the amount of mercury vapor being breathed and eliminates the risk of amalgam particles being swallowed.

6. Dr. Hatcher works with his assistant Deb to ensure immediate disposal of filling particles.

7. Upon completion of the procedure gloves and rubber dam are disposed and proper rinse and vacuum of the oral cavity take place.

8. Following the thorough rinse and vacuum, protective covering is removed and the patient’s face and neck are cleaned.

9. Our dental office is also equipped with an additional air purification system ensuring that no mercury vapor is exposed to staff and other patients.

If you are looking for safe amalgam removal in Minneapolis, Dr. Hatcher is a very experienced dentist. He follows all protocol to ensure that you and his staff are safe during the process. If you have any questions about being mercury free call our office at 651.454.9028; we would love to hear from you!

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