Preventive Dental Care in Eagan, MN

We believe that working together with good home care and routine preventive cleanings and examinations, you can achieve and maintain a healthy smile for a lifetime. Our knowledgeable and friendly hygienists will help you accomplish this through:

  • Routine screening for periodontal disease and oral cancer at every visit. Periodontal disease occurs in three out of four adults. It is a bacterial infection which leads to inflammation and destruction of the gums and bone around the teeth. Left unchecked, periodontal disease will lead to tooth loss, making early identification and management extremely important.
  • Thorough cleaning of the teeth. The type of cleaning best for you will be determined by your dental hygienist and doctor, working together with you.
  • Use of an intraoral camera to help you visualize directly the conditions present in your mouth. This is done at each and every visit to help identify and demonstrate fractures and other problems that may not be evident using traditional methods.
  • Use of state of the art digital Xray equipment and techniques to identify tooth decay and other problems at an early stage.
  • Use of the Vizilite Plus oral cancer screening tool, recommended annually, to enhance our diagnostic abilities.

ViziLite ® Plus